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Para Empresas de Transporte

Insurance on the Road

Insurance for Trucking companies is an available option for truckers or companies to protect the cargo or insurance for the third party liability.

The trucking company is responsible for loss, damage to goods carried or injury to other property and persons, you can transfer the risk by:


1.  Contract a Liability insurance policy with basic coverage at an affordable price for your own protection and your trucks. cargo insurance protects the goods but not your truck.

2.  Selling to your end customers a reliable insurance service to protect their cargo during land transportation against the most common risks associated in transit.

Errors and Omissions on documents
Errors and Omissions on documents
Warehouse Liability / Legal
(additional premium and limitations apply)
Fines and Duties Coverage
Customs Fines and Duties Coverage
Legal Defense and Costs
(such as demurrage, inspections, investigations, etc.)

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